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Pathologists' assistant, author, and artist
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Postmortem Professions: A Career Handbook


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with dead bodies or what credentials are required to do it? From mortician to forensic pathologist, Postmortem Professions: a Career Handbook covers it all. With over 30 interviews from seasoned death professionals, you'll learn everything you need to know to obtain the perfect death career. Authors and screenwriters will also find a goldmine of useful content in this quirky, but fascinating guidebook. 

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 Alyse is always happy to answer questions of any kind about death, autopsies, pathology, and related careers. Feel free to contact her here. Alyse is also available for hire as a consultant or short term locum tenens pathologists' assistant. For information on life as a pathologists' assistant and writer, check out the blog or learn more about Alyse's books.

Disclaimer: The material on this site is intended to be educational but should not be construed as medical advice because Alyse does not work with living patients.  Alyse provides career information based on her personal experiences. She is certified only to dissect body parts, therefore this content should not be considered professional advice.  

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