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Exclusive Services

Does your lab need to fill a short term staffing gap? Would you prefer a pathologists' assistant for dissection/mortuary/forensic consultation? Alyse Gray can help!

Hire Alyse Gray

Alyse Gray is available for short term (one day to one week) pathologists' assistant travel assignments, consulting, and long term, remote projects. With over 10 years of experience as a pathologists' assistant, she can help with your staffing needs or project. When it comes to writing, filming, or strategic planning, Alyse knows her way around the lab and the morgue and will be your guide. 

Why Hire Alyse?

.Alyse is an ASCP Certified pathologists' Assistant and member of the American Association of Pathologists' Assistants. She holds a master's degree in pathology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Her experience includes gross examination of surgical pathology specimens, ranging from biopsies to complex cancer resections, autopsy (prosection and report writing), teaching students, giving presentations, embalming, sterile tissue procurement for transplant, research, and biobanking. She has worked in multiple mid-size to large community hospitals, a biobank, an organ procurement organization, a medical examiner's office, and funeral homes.

Alyse also designed this website, has experience in graphic design, social media marketing, and medical writing, with an interest in making complex concepts accessible to the general public. 

Upbeat, courteous, and professional, she is an asset to any laboratory or project. 

How to Hire Alyse

Please use the contact form for rates, references, and resume. Alyse is available for one day to one week pathologists' assistant locum tenens travel assignments and longer term remote projects. She requires two week's notice for travel assignments.  

Let's Work Together

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to helping you with your lab staffing needs or project!

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