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The History of Death Professions

At the suggestion of my brilliant agent, "Death, It's A Living: A Guide to Postmortem Professions" is changing course a little bit and turning into a book about the FABULOUS HISTORY OF DEATH PROFESSIONS. It was the perfect suggestion. In the past year, I've come to love medical history. It's quirky, bizarre, sometimes downright DARK...and right up my alley. It's not dry at all, unlike some texts make it out to be. The history of death goes hand in hand with the history of medicine and it's equally quirky. I'm thrilled to be taking the book in this direction!

I still have about 150 odd pages of death career advice and interviews from the previous iteration of the book. I intend to release it as a free e-book. The writing isn't amazing, but the advice is solid. This is the book I could have used 20 years ago. I've always been a big advocate of helping people with their careers and make it a point to respond to everyone who asks me for information. It can be time consuming though, so it will be nice to be able to point them to this book as a resource if they want to know more.

Exciting stuff here! Stay tuned to my socials. In addition to writing, I'm also hoping to learn animation in order to make some educational videos about the history of death.

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