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Postmortem Professions: A Career Guide released as a free ebook

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

I've decided to release what once was the core of my book "Death, It's A Living: A Guide to Postmortem Professions" as a free ebook. I'm releasing it for free because I want the information to be accessible to anyone who asks how to get into the field or what it's like to work with dead bodies. It is the guide I needed when I was younger.

The book is a product of three years, thirty interviews, and many tears. I traveled across the country talking to a number of different death professionals and wrote down anecdotes from my own experiences. It's occasionally humorous, but nothing flashy. It's more practical than anything. The writing isn't fantastic, but the information is great for anyone interested in death professions, be it students, authors, or screenwriters.

If this is something you or someone you know might need, here is the link to download the book:

I hope you find it useful in some way.

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