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  • Alyse Gray

Setbacks and Progress

Publishing is an interesting popularity contest.

Death, It's a Living has had a number of rejections. Publishers are not convinced that there are hundreds of thousands of people interested in death stuff. So that's something to work on.

In the meantime, I've had the opportunity to get to know the patients participating in research studies at work. Unfortunately, six of them have died. This is partially due to the limited therapies we have for cancer. I know in my heart that we can do better.

I've been volunteering for a number of cancer of charity organizations through the hospital. One of the organizations supports breast cancer survivors through dragon boating, an ancient Chinese sport turned therapeutic group exercise. I paddle weekly alongside amazing women who have been poisoned, cut, and burned. They are true warriors. Other groups I'm involved with support cancer research and hospital programs.

I know I can do more to help and have started on working my own business that donates nutritional products to cancer patients. It's not easy growing a business from scratch with no help or advice. People are so stingy with advice and mentorship. Based on this experience, I swear that in the future, I will help anyone in need of advice. You don't have to prove yourself to me, just be interested. It's how I've always been. This is the future I dream of for everyone.

As Jordan Harbinger says, "We rise by lifting others."

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