Compendium Pandemica: 

A Guide to Horrible 

Infectious Diseases

SMALL-beautiful stacks of all the things

In this fascinating collection of dark medical history, curious cures, and modern medical interventions, pathologists' assistant A.D. Gray examines infectious diseases in a quirky, yet oddly compelling manner. The excessively graphic, borderline ridiculous portraits of microscopic monsters and discussions of dark medical history will simultaneously educate and entertain in a way that neutralizes some of the terror illness can create.


You'll gain a basic understanding of how diseases operate and what to do about them, plus you'll learn that history often repeats itself during global pandemics. Packed with fun facts that might make you squirm, Compendium Pandemica: A Guide to Horrible Infectious Diseases is a must-have for fans of disgusting medical shows, bodily horrors, and anyone with an interest in medical history or the microscopic world around them.

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