Death, It's A Living:

A Guide to Postmortem Professions

The circumstances surrounding death can be as unique as the lives we live, requiring unique people to handle what we leave behind. In DEATH, IT'S A LIVING: A GUIDE TO POSTMORTEM PROFESSIONS, mortician, transplant specialist, and pathologists' assistant Alyse Gray explores the unusual landscape of death-focused occupations as a way of encouraging curiosity about the traditionally taboo.


Using a series of narratives based on personal experience and research, the book examines these careers from a feminine perspective. Interviews with over 30 professionals including well-known experts Dr. Jan Garavaglia (Dr. G Medical Examiner), Dr. Judy Melinek, and Ryan Matthew Cohn (of Discovery Channel's Oddities) provide additional insight into the lives of those who work with the dead. In a time where more women are seeking to enter scientific fields,

Gray also provides career advice that female fans of her death-centric Instagram page frequently request. Women make up about 80% of her Instagram’s 130k followers, prompting a look at the changing demographics of death care, which have evolved over the past 20 years from being predominantly male occupied to overwhelmingly female occupied.


Quirky and thought-provoking, DEATH, IT'S A LIVING welcomes readers on a weird and wonderful tour of what happens to our bodies when we die and encourages women to consider these unusual occupations, pointing to the idea that death can help us lead better lives.

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