Alyse holds a master's degree in pathology, a bachelor's degree in psychology, and an associate degree in mortuary science. She has over 13 years of experience working in hospitals, morgues and funeral homes throughout her region. To hear more of the story, listen to her interview on the People of Pathology Podcast.

Alyse Gray's works can be found in numerous publications including The Director, the magazine of the National Funeral Director's Association, Thought CatalogMedium, and Woman's World. 

She enjoys teaching people about pathology and has guest lectured to pathologists' assistant students at Tulane University. She also has made appearances at middle school science fairs, high schools, and college pre-med societies.

Outside of the pathology lab, Alyse can be found haunting coffee shops, Death Cafes, cemeteries, and museums. She's secretly really into birding and likes hiking, kayaking and foraging for wild edible mushrooms. She also is a semi-professional face and body painter on the side. An avid reader of medical history, she is a member of #TeamOsler and advocates for a healthy, disease prevention-based lifestyle instead of excess physicking.

Who is Alyse Gray?