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Alyse holds a master's degree in pathology, a bachelor's degree in psychology, and an associate degree in mortuary science. She has over 15 years of experience working in hospitals, morgues and funeral homes throughout her region. To hear more of the story, listen to her interview on the People of Pathology Podcast. Some of her quirkier quips can be found on the Obsessed With Death podcast.

Alyse Gray is a freelance writer for Medscape. Her work appears in numerous publications including The Director, the magazine of the National Funeral Director's Association, Thought CatalogMedium, and Woman's World

She enjoys teaching people about pathology and has guest lectured to pathologists' assistant students at Tulane University, histology students at her local community college, and various places online. She also has made appearances at middle school science fairs, high schools, and college pre-med societies.

Additionally, Alyse is a semi-professional face and body painter who mostly does work for charity events. She has acted as an extra in the 2024 show, The Sessions, and dreams of being cast in a yogurt commercial.  

She hopes to use her platform to advocate for better cancer treatments after watching her mother go through chemotherapy twice. She was treated for breast cancer, which caused an even worse cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, to arise 8 years later. Alyse believes no one should have to suffer in this way and will do anything possible to facilitate a better future for people with cancer. 

Who is Alyse Gray?

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